India Exchange Programs

Our global partnership has been another huge

success this year; with students and teachers

visiting from Madurai, India. They have enjoyed

excursions to the Melbourne CBD, Gravity Zone,

Melbourne Museum, Moonlight Sanctuary and a

tour of our beautiful Frankston city. The Indian

students demonstrated cultural dances and

shared many stories with our students. We

thank everyone involved in this cultural


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PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT Kananook Primary School has a partnership agreement with the

ADHYAPANA SCHOOL, CBSE, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India


This partnership is committed to promoting a love for learning and producing global citizens of tomorrow


  • To develop greater respect for other cultures, values and beliefs amongst pupils and staff
  • To widen pupils’ horizons through real relationships with people in another country
  • To help pupils understand interdependence and how our actions impact others.
  • To motivate pupils and teachers to take action in their everyday lives towards global development goals
  • To develop critical thinking skills in pupils as a result of challenging their perceptions and hearing another viewpoint.


To generate ideas, initiate discussions and implement the action plan on various topics related to the selected global issues

  • To work towards instilling global awareness amidst student in respective schools by collaboratively developing projects, reviewing, monitoring and evaluating progress on a continuous and comprehensive basis
  • To provide children with opportunities to explore different perspectives on building a greener future
  • To assist teachers of the partner schools by consistently exchanging relevant information with regard to the collaborative projects
  • To compare different teaching methods and learning styles between the partner school
  • To create an interactive forum via appropriate media where students and teachers from both the schools can exchange ideas with each other

The programme will provides an exposure to children about international dimensions through classroom experience and life in general. All these will be continuously augmented and enhanced towards developing worthy global citizens of tomorrow.

This document has been drafted and agreed to in good will to the best of our knowledge with educational objectives in mind and towards enhancing the qualities as well as knowledge of our students.

We seek to fulfil the above as teachers of the partner schools.




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