Our Kitchen and Garden

We love our garden here at Kananook. We plant and grow our own veggies to be used in our very own kitchen! We recently got 5 chickens in our brand new chicken coop!

Kananook Green Team!

The Green Team are a dedicated group of 3/4/5 students who generously volunteer their time to help in the garden and Kitchen.

They are very busy! They have helped weed garden beds, remove rubbish, harvest summer vegetables, water the garden daily, care for the chickens daily (which includes cleaning up poop!) and are willing to undertake any garden or kitchen duties when asked.

Our Kananook Garden

The students helping to water our veggie patches in the garden.

Watering the garden and trying out lemons from our very own lemon tree.

Meet our chickens. The students collected eggs and made some scrambled eggs in the Kid's Kitchen!

More cooking with Mrs May in the kitchen!


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