• To develop students who communicate clearly and confidently in a range of contexts both within and beyond school.
  • Assist students to develop awareness that language and discourse differ across the curriculum and that there is a need to learn literacies involved in each subject they undertake.
  • Students develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours that empower them to respond to, make meaning of, and deconstruct a range of communication forms.
  • Students develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours to effectively present information, ideas and opinions in a range of forms, including verbal, written, graphic, multimedia and performance, appropriate to their context, purpose and audience


Communication has 2 dimensions

  • Listening viewing and responding
  • Presenting


The Listening, viewing and responding dimension focuses on developing student understanding of communication conventions, strategies to assist them to make meaning of communication forms and the ability to deconstruct and respond to a diversity of forms.


The Presenting dimension involves students gaining the knowledge, skills and behaviours to understand context, purpose and audience; select and use appropriate structure and organisation to convey meaning; and reflect on the style and content of the presentations they make.


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