Thinking Processes


For students to:

  • develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to enable them to inquire into the world around them, and to use critical thinking to analyse and evaluate information they encounter
  • learn to assemble and question information and develop opinions based on informed judgments
  • develop the capacity to transform information into coherent knowledge structures
  • learn to seek innovative alternatives and use their imagination to generate possibilities
  • learn to take risks with their thinking and make new connections.
  • develop the capacity to reflect on, and refine their existing ideas and beliefs
  • learn to reflect on what they know and develop awareness that there is more to know
  • learn to question their perspectives and those of others and evaluate the validity of their own and others’ ideas
  • develop their metacognitive skills in planning, monitoring and evaluating their own thinking processes and strategies


Thinking Processes comprises three dimensions:
1. Reasoning, processing and inquiry
2. Creativity
3. Reflection, evaluation and metacognition


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