Breakfast Club


It is really important that together as a community, we encourage our children to eat a healthy nutritious breakfast every day, Here are some reasons why:

  • Breakfast Increases your child’s concentration levels and improves their ability to learn
  • Helps them to maintain a healthy weight and decrease the likelihood of obesity
  • Strengthens heart, bones, muscles and joints, which will help reduce serious childhood health problems
  • Brightens their mood by providing them with energy which helps build positive self-image
  • Helps to develop positive breakfast habits that they will take into adulthood.


Every child, every day, needs to eat a healthy nutritious breakfast, but we understand it can sometimes be difficult to get your child to eat in the morning! We are here to help.


Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning between 8:30am and 8:55am in the school hall, we provide a FREE breakfast for all students.  


If you are interested in accessing this resource simply sign the permission form and return it to school. This is a one off form which enables ongoing access to the program for the remainder of your child's schooling at Kananook. Permission notes can be found under notices on this website or at the front office. 


MENU (on rotation)

  • fresh fruit
  • toast
  • jam, honey, vegemite
  • cereal
  • juice
  • milo
  • tin spaghetti/baked beans
  • porridge




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