Other Policies

Child Safety Standards Policies (DET required)

Child Safe Environment Policy Child Safety Reporting Obligations Policy and Procedures The Child Safety Standards and School Responsibilities
Child Safe Policy Mandatory Reporting Working With Children Policy
Child Safety Code of Conduct Recruitment Practices Child Safe Risk Assessment Policy

Minimum Standards for Registration Policies (DET required)

Anaphylaxis Policy Duty of Care Policy Yard Duty Supervision Policy
Attendance Policy Emergency Management Plan Yard Duty Supervision Policy- parents and students.
Bullying Prevention Policy Enrolment Policy  
Camps and Excursions Policy First Aid Policy   
Complaints Policy Health Care Needs Policy  
  Inclusion and Diversity Policy  
Critical Incident Plan Medication Policy  
Curriculum Framework Policy Statement of Values and School Philosophy  
Digital Technologies (Internet, Social Media and Digital Devices) Policy Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy  
Digital Technologies Responsible Use Document Visitors to School Policy  
Digital Technologies Breach of conduct Document Volunteers Policy  

Other Policies (Local Policies)

Asthma School Council Sub-Committee Policy KPS Parent Payments
Bus Policy Security Camera Policy (CCTV Policy)  
Distribution of Annual Report Policy Sunsmart Policy  
Dogs at School Uniform and Dress Code Policy  
Eftpos Policy    
Head lice Policy  COVID19 Safety Management Plan  
Internet Banking Policy Keeping Our School Safe  
Mobile Phone  Parent Payment Policy DET link  
Privacy Policy (link to DET Policy)    

Communication of Policies and scheduled reviewed dates.





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