Term 3 Home Learning P-2


Teachers have prepared a Curriculum plan for teaching and learning for Term 3, this plan will guide their delivery of the Victorian Curriculum. Under normal circumstances this content would be covered at school with all children attending. Due to the current learning environment teachers will endeavour to continue the planned program and deliver explicit lessons in reading, writing and maths in accordance with the Victorian Curriculum and the Kananook Curriculum Planning documents.
Please understand that this program may be adapted and modified as the weeks go on. This will depend on a variety of factors that teachers will assess and consider on a weekly basis.  In order to implement these plans teachers will design Seesaw activities on a daily basis and post these on your child's Seesaw account at 9:00am each day.  See the timetables below for learning requirements for Term 3.
Timetable for Home Learning Term 3 Prep (printable)
Term 3 Curriculum Plan For teachers Prep F (click here to view)
Timetable for Home Learning Term 3 Year 1/2 (printable)
Term 3 Curriculum Plan for teachers Year 1/2 (click here to view)

Your child should have access to books borrowed from school. Students are very familiar with the procedures of reading to self, reading to someone and listening to reading, these are practised daily in the classroom. We encourage you to take the time to enjoy these wonderful experiences together with your child.

For further informatiion regarding strategies to use when helping your child to read, and to upskill yourself on how we teach reading at Kananook, visit our Parenting Pipeline tab.

Phonics is explicitly taught at KPS. Children work through 5 phases of this program, learning the different sounds that letters and letter combinations can make. To reinforce this learning there are some free online games that can be accessed by following this link. Prep children began Term 1 learning Phase 2 letters and sounds. For more resources Google Searching "Letters and Sounds Phonics" or "Jolly Phonics" on Youtube will give access to songs and videos that compliment our program.

Letters and Sounds

Epic Books

Literacy Planet

Formal writing is taught daily at school in the way of teaching grammar, punctuation, text structure and spelling, children should be encouraged to write every day about topics of interest to them. Check the P-2 Home Learning Matrix for ideas.
The Read, Write, Think website has fantastic ideas and activities under their Parent and Afterschool Activities tab.

Literacy Planet and Word Mania

The following page on our website ( Maths Games For Kids) has been arranged in a developmental sequence. Find a starting point and direct your child to these activities and help them discover new concepts and practice previously learnt skills.

This online Program is exceptional, click on this link and use your child's personal username and password to login:

Seesaw Journal
Seesaw student and parent codes were sent out throughout Term 1 and on the Open night held earlier this year.
This is a fantastic platform allowing:

  • Students to post their work for parents and teachers to see.
  • Teachers can assign activities and comment on student work.
  • Parents can also like and comment on their child's work that they submit.

Please be aware that all posts and comments have to approved by the teacher before it goes on the journal. Other parents can not see your child's work, however other students can.

Online Learning
Students also have access to a number of online learning subscriptions we have available at Kananook. Students can access the following on a computer or you can also download the applications via the app store:

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