The following subscriptions compliment the work we do within the classroom.  Children have full access to all programs via indivdual usernames and passwords.  
Individual usernames and passwords allow access to an amazing array of learning tasks suited to your child's stage of learning. Teachers have the ability to lock children into tasks and monitor activites that are completed. 
Teachers use this program to assess each child's Zone of Proximal Development (Point of Need Learning). Once this is established children have access to a variety of My Numeracy learning tasks where they earn stars to show mastery of concepts in order to move to the next level in their learning. This program also gives them access to Sunset Maths, which is a rapid recall activity to build up automatic response in the 4 processes (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)
This is accessed via the Literacy Planet Program. 
Individual usernames and passwords allow access to a Live Challenge, where students race other students to answer rapid fire equations and to concept building activities. Teachers can set tasks and monitor activities. 
Individual class codes allow access to individual folders where children select audio books, videos, read along stories or read alone books.

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