Term 3 Home Learning Years 3-6


Teachers have prepared a Curriculum plan for teaching and learning for Term 3, which will guide them in the delivery of the Victorian Curriculum.  Under normal circumstances, this content would be covered at school with all children attending. Due to the current learning environment, teachers will endeavour to continue the planned program and deliver explicit lessons in reading, writing, maths and theme studies in accordance with the Victorian Curriculum and the Kananook Curriculum Planning documents.
Please understand that this program may be adapted and modified as the weeks go on. This will depend on a variety of factors that teachers will assess and consider on a weekly basis.  In order to implement these plans, teachers will design Seesaw activities on a daily basis and post these on your child's Seesaw account at 9:00 am each day.  See the timetables below for learning requirements for Term 3.
 Year 3/4 S (printable)
Year 3/4S Term 3 Curriculum Plan for teachers (click to view)
Year 4/5/6 (printable)
4/5/6  Term 3 Curriculum Plan for teachers (click to view)

Extra Activities For students in Years 3,4,5 and 6

Extra Theme


Literacy and Numeracy

Extra Activities

Online Learning
Students also have access to a number of online learning subscriptions we have available at Kananook. Students can access the following on a computer or you can also download the applications:

Your child should have access to books borrowed from school and has been trained to practice their reading by reading to self, reading to someone and listening to reading. We encourage you to take the time to enjoy these wonderful experiences together with your child. For further information regarding strategies to use and to upskill yourself on how we teach reading at Kananook, visit our Parenting Pipeline tab.

  • Students can also listen to reading by logging onto 'EPIC BOOKS' online.
  • For students in the 4/5/6 classes, the class code is DCH9713.
  • For students in 3/4S, the class code is ZVB1173.
  • Each student also has a Literacy Planet password and teachers can also set individual tasks via this online resource. 
  • Choose a book that has been read and complete the comprehension grid.

Seesaw Journal
Seesaw student and parent codes were sent out throughout Term 1 and on the Open night held earlier this year.
This is a fantastic platform allowing:

  • Students to post their work for parents and teachers to see.
  • Teachers can assign activities and comment on student work.
  • Parents can also like and comment on their child's work that they submit.

Please be aware that all posts and comments have to approved by the teacher before it goes on the journal. Other parents can not see your child's work, however other students can.

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